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Hand and Foot Services

Put Some Medi in your Pedi!

Hands Feet & Beyond podiatric physicians work closely with nail specialists offering a variety of services for hands, feet and nails that are both therapeutic and aesthetic.

Our nail specialists are under physician supervision and offer enhanced services with the highest standards of care and sterility. You need not worry about catching an infection or unsightly nail fungus at HF&B. In addition to strict sanitization protocol, we use NOURISH Protein & Vitamin Enriched Anti-fungal Nail Polish and Solution to treat as well as protect against infection.

Our podiatrists specialize medical pedicures, which are spa-therapeutic foot treatments. Medical pedicures are ideal for clients who have common foot disorders that they wish to have treated gently and thoroughly with tranquil spa ambiance. Disorders include: corns and calluses; cracked heels; xerosis/dry skin; bunions and hammertoes; fungus nails; ingrown toenails; heel/arch/ball of foot pain, and more. Our doctors use all-natural Barefoot Botanica products to nourish and condition the skin. We advise patients with diabetes, neuropathy, poor circulation or chronic foot problems to appoint for a medicure every 6 to 8 weeks.

Our Nail Specialists offer the finest and safest aesthetic services for hands and feet. Our Podiatrists offer the very best therapeutic foot services. Combine the two and you'll get a complete treat for hands and feet!

Our Hands and Feet Team
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Dr. "B"

Doc Dan
Dr. "Dan"
Nail Specialist/Master Pedicurist: Reggie Stephens

Nail Technicians:

Samantha Dahlke

Deltria Hines


Hand, Foot & Nail Videos
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